OPL Ps2 Loader

Main Settings Screen

The main setting screen will display automatically when no configuration file is found by OPL.


Display settings
Network config
Save changes
Start HDL Server 
Power off

You can find more info on Settings (see below),  Display Settings and Network config from the Settings Tab above.
Save changes
will save any changes you made on all of the settings pages.
Start HDL Server will only be available once the HDD device is enabled. More info from the Settings Tab above.
Exit will load the option set in Exit to (see below)
Power Off will place the console in Stand-by mode, but will not turn off the power supply.

You can exit this screen and return to the Main Menu by pressing , but you must first set a device start mode (auto or manual) see settings below, otherwise OPL will not be able to display anything other than this screen!

You can access the Main Settings Screen from any list screen by pressing


  Selects highlighted item / Sets selected changes   Choose between items      Returns to previous page without any changes made

  • Disable Debug Colors : Off  (default)   Disables the color screens  while games are loading if set to On.
  • Exit to: Browser (default)   Allows you to exit from OPL to   Browser, mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF, or mc0:/APPS/BOOT.ELF from the Main Settings screen. When leaving a game via an IGR reset, IGR will use the same selected option.
  • Enable Delete and Rename operations: Off (default)   Allows you to display (On) the options on screen from the Hint menu on each list or disable it (Off) to prevent accidental renaming or deletion. When Rename/Delete is disabled, the VMC options to change the VMC size or delete  is disabled too.
  • Remember last played game:  Off (default)   When set to On, each time you return to the games list, the last selected game will be the first in the displayed listing.

By default all devices are Off and OPL  will not enable/display any devices until you set them to.

Off - Removes the device from being selectable from the menu bar. (set if your not using this device)
Manual - Allows the device to be selectable from the menu bar, but will not enable the device until the X button is pressed. (set alternative device if more than 1 is used)
Auto -  Automatically enables the device and  is selectable from the menu bar. (set for main device, cover art, etc.)

  • USB device start mode: Off  (default)  
  • HDD device start mode: Off  (default)  
  • ETH device start mode: Off  (default)  
  • Applications start mode: Off  (default)  
  • Default menu:   <no value> (default)   Choose the menu you wish OPL to display on startup [ USB Games, Network games or HDD games]

  • Ok   -  Sets changes and returns you to the main settings screen  (be sure to save changes from the main settings page)

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