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Network Settings

OPL Settings:

Change a highlighted item by pressing  , the selection will now turn yellow and you can change the number by pressing   ,  press again to set the selected number,  move to the next ocet number by pressing   
- PS2 -
IP:  Change this is to the address for your console on the network
Mask:  This is the subnet mask for your network
GW:  Change this to the  IP for your router (or PC's IP if directly connected with a crossover)

- PC -
IP: Change this to the IP of your PC, it might be a good idea to make it a static IP so it doesnt change on each PC startup if you use other PCs.
Port: 445 This is the default port used by SMB protocol, but you can assign a different one if it is already used by another PC program.
Share: PS2SMB  This is the name you use for the folder/drive sharename on your PC. (they MUST match)
   A virtual Keyboard will open to allow you to input a sharename.
User:  GUEST  Change this if your PC requires a username for access, otherwise leave as GUEST
Password:              Set your password if your username requires it, otherwise leave blank

OK:   Sets changes and returns you to the main settings screen  (be sure to save changes from the main settings page)
Pressing  will return to the main settings screen without changing anything

PC Settings:

Open PS2 Loader uses the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol to connect the PS2/PS3 to a PC's share folder. You  can connect  your console to a router with an ethernet cable  if you already have a network setup or connect directly to your PC with a crossover cable. Make sure your PC's IP,  console's IP and router's Gateway IP are all in the same Range with the first 3 ocets having the same number.
An example IP : 192.168.1.xxx of a typical LAN network, where xxx represents a specific number for a device on the network. No two devices can use the same 4th ocet number, as this last digit specifies the device as seperate from another device on the network.
Example device IPs on a network:
PC 1 -
PC 2 -
PC 3 -
PS2 -

A router is usually as its default IP for a Gateway, then assigns each device on the network in the order as they are turned on if you left the PC's setting as Dynamic (auto assigned by DNS). So if you have 3 PCs and turn them all off/on daily, the first PC turned on would be assigned  the first available IP number. So you might want to assign a Static IP to a PC if you dont wish its IP to change.
 If you use a router and have 'port forwarded' applications, be sure to check that port 445 is free, as the SMB protocol uses port 445 as its default. You can specify a different port in the OPL's network configurations if port 445 is not available to use. Also make sure the port is not blocked or used by another app/service in your Firewall.

You need to make sure your PC is enabled for file sharing and can use SMB.  There are many ways to configure your connection, depending on the equipment you are using. I will list the configurations of those that have worked for others.

Computer filesharing configurations

Simple File Sharing is on by default , so most likely you  have SMB enabled, but if you dont or dont wish to enable it, you can enable the Guest Account to connect to the SMB share.
To enable Simple File Sharing:
My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View Tab
At the bottom you will see the option "Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)", so place a mark in the box and click OK.
WinXP Home doesnt have this option as it is on by default and can not be turned off.
You can also reference the Microsoft website if you need more info on File Sharing:  How to configure file sharing in Windows XP

Setting a Sharename:
  1. Select the Folder or  Drive letter (if using a whole drive) where your installed PS2 games are located on your PC.
  2. Right-click it and choose  "Sharing and Security". (sharing a drive will prompt  a warning first about the risks of sharing it over a network)
  3. In Network Sharing and Security, place a mark in the box for "Share this folder on the network", then give the "Share Name" the name PS2SMB (default name) or any name you want, but must also match the OPL network configuration.
Now your PC is setup to share your games with your console, click the Settings Icon above, then the Network Icon in its submenu to configure OPL to your network's IP/share settings.

File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista
File sharing essentials

Win7  (by windrider42)

I created a folder on my H: drive named 'PS2SMB'
Then right click, share with
Select specific people
Choose 'Everyone'
Then set properties for 'everyone' to 'read only'

Or: Just right-click the Folder PS2SMB and click 'Properties', then click on 'Share tab' and Select 'Share' and allow 'Everyone', then Select permissions for Everyone.
Pretty simple.

It will look like below. You can just click Security tab to change the 'Everyone' permissions.

 Modifications to the samba config I had to make:  By volca
  1.  Lanman auth has to be enabled.
  2. Security share has to be set.
  3. Null passwords have to be enabled.

To sum up, put this into global section of smb.conf
  •     lanman auth = yes
  •     security = share
  •     null passwords = yes
     4. I also had to setup guest user (in shell)
  • # useradd guest
  • # smbpasswd -n guest
In [global], I commented out the line "map to guest = bad user" (might not be needed)
Set  keep alive = 0 if you experience freezes of the  ps2 after a while of playing.

For reference, this is the share config I use:

    comment = PS2 ULE share
    read only = yes
    locking = no
    path = /share/PS2-UL
    guest ok = yes

If you experience network initialization freezes , you may have to open the samba server port on your firewall.

- Ubuntu 9.10  by Jones23
The only thing I had to change in the smb.conf was "security = share". Then I just configured the share with Nautilus (works similar as with Windows Explorer): right click on folder --> share options --> tick "share this folder" and "guest access" --> apply changes
That's all, share works fine

Mac OS X  by Gnom
1) Open the "System Preferences" app.
2) Go to the "Sharing" folder.

3) In the list of services on the left side of the window, go to the "File Sharing" item and click on the
"Options..." button.

4) Enable the "Share files and folders using SMB" option and click on the "Done" button.

5) Add the folder you want to share (ie. PS2SMB) to the "Shared Folders" list by dragging and
dropping it in the "Shared Folders" list and check that "Everyone" has at least "Read Only" rights to
this folder in the "Users" list.

6) Your folder should be shared over SMB.

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