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  • Theme: <OPL>   If you placed any  themes on a device and enabled that device, they will be listed  (see Creating Themes/Using Themes)
  • Language: English (internal)  OPL comes with language files  Download language pack. These files  end with the .lng extension. Some langauges require a TTF Font file that contains specific characters, these files end with the .ttf extension. The files must be copied to your MC in the OPL folder and will be selectable on the next OPL startup after they have been placed on the MC. You only need to copy the language file(s) you wish to use, to the MC. How to copy files.
    • mc0:/OPL/lang_French.lng
    • mc0:/OPL/font_French.ttf
  • Scrolling: Medium  Select a scroll speed [ Slow, Medium or Fast]
  • Automatic sorting: Off  Set to On for alphabetical listing, Off for  installed listing
  • Automatic Refresh: On   OPL will poll your device to check if the games list your currently in needs to be refreshed. This is useful for USB device swapping , and also for SMB if you added/deleted any games on your Share while OPL is running. If you can encounter an issue with this being On, you can disabled it by setting it to Off. While off, you can still manually refresh the games list by pressing  .
  • Enable Cover Art: Off   Set to On if you wish to use Cover, Icon or BG Art (be sure to enable the device they are stored on)
  • Wide screen: Off   Set to On if your using a wide screen TV or Monitor.

Press   and a color selection screen will open to allow you to make color changes. Press  to choose between red/green/blue. Press  to change color. Press again to set the changes and return to the previous screen. Press to return without any changes.
  • Background color  [_]  Changes the background color for  plain background and plasma display
  • Text color  [_]  Changes the text color

  • Ok - Sets changes and returns you to the main settings screen  (be sure to save changes from the main settings page)

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