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HDD Games

You  need to enable the HDD Device  before you can use it. Go to the  Main Settings screen > Settings and set HDD device start mode to Manual or Auto. You should now be able to access the HDD Games list. If you have enabled the device and it doesnt display your games, there are a few possible reasons to check.

Possible reasons :
  • The drive has not been formatted to the PS2Format for HDL compliant partitioning
  • Games were not installed properly  (errors, bad sectors,wrong program,etc) 
  • The network adapter is not working / bad connection
  • The HDD device is not compatible or damaged/defective
You can check the Formatting & Installing link in the HDD Tab above for more information on properly installing games and formatting devices.

Additional storage  usage
Since you can load Art and use VMC from an internal HDD, it might be a good idea to create a  user partition after you have formatted the HDD and  installed games.
You will need a partition named OPL, it will appear as +OPL when viewing  the HDD contents. Your ART and VMC folders will  go into this partition.

Create a partition
  • Run uLaunchELF
  • Goto FileBrowser > MISC > HDDmanager  (wait for HDD module to load if HDD isnt started already)
  • Press and a context menu will open
  • Select Create , press and a virtual keyboard will open,  input  the name OPL, select OK and press   
  • a partition size selection menu will open. Choose from 128MB to 128GB by pressing 
Now give some thought before setting the partition size, the maximum amount of games that can be listed on a HDD is 256 and if  you saved a 8MB VMC for each game, then 2GB would be the Max size  for VMC use , but now consider if your going to use ART and Themes from the HDD too. You will need to look at how much space all your Art/Themes use and add that amount  to make sure your partition will have enough space for all your needs.
  • Press once you have chosen the partition size you want and a confirmation box will open, press on OK to begin creating the partition.
  • You will see +OPL listed once the process is completed.
Copy folder to the partition
To copy your ART folder, just use FileBrowser > hdd0:/  and you will see the +OPL listed there to copy it into.   How to copy files
The VMC folder will be created there by OPL when you create a VMC file from the HDD Games list or you can create it if you want with uLE, while your in the partition.

Delete a Partition
If you created a partition and no longer want it, you can simply remove it.
Highlight the partition to be removed and press for the context menu, select remove and press
A confirmation box opens, press on OK to remove the partition.

Use caution not to remove partitions you didnt create!!!  pp.hdl partitions are your games and names with an underscore in front of them ( _mbr ) are system partitions, so do not remove these. You should ONLY remove partitions that have a   +  in front of them as those are user partitions.

Compatibility Modes and Options
Not every game will work, so Compatibility Modes have been added to help aid some games that dont load correctly. Some games simply may not work at all, despite setting modes or using known patches from previous HDD Game loaders. You should always use a clean, unedited/unpatched game and try all the modes before attempting to use patches or tricks of other game loaders.
Press    to enable (On) or disable (Off)  a mode  (all are Off by default)
  • Mode 1 - Loads an alternate EE core at a higher address (may fix games that freeze on a green screen)
  • Mode 2 - Uses an alternative read method 
  • Mode 3 - Unhook  syscalls. (similar to HDL's mode3)
  • Mode 4 - skip PSS file reads  ( bypasses the loading of many FMVs)
  • Mode 5 - Disables DVD9 support 
  • Mode 6 - Disables IGR  (In Game Reset)
  • Mode 7 - Reduced cdvdfsv buffer
  • Mode 8 - Hide dev9 module  (fix for NFS:U2)

  • DMA  Mode:    <not set>     You can change the speed in which a HDD is read, slower/faster speeds  may help some problematic games run better.

  • VMC Slot 1   <not set>     Use generic   Allows you to create a VMC file or assign an existing one to a selected game
  • VMC Slot 2   <not set>     Use generic       For more info, see the VMC Tab above

  • Game ID: <not set>  Press    without a disc in the tray and you can input  a Game ID for online DNAS authentication .
  • Load from disc         You can get the ID from your original game disc by inserting the disc and pressing 

  • Save changes   - will save any changes you made on this screen   
  • Test   -  allows you to try a mode setting without saving it

  • Remove all settings - will revert all the settings to the default settings and auto-save
Pressing    returns you to the previous screen without any changes made

List Scrolling and Sorting
You can scroll your lists by pressing the following buttons:
- Scrolls 1 Item at a time, up or down
-  Scrolls 1 page at a time down
 -  Scrolls 1 page at a time up
- Scrolls to the bottom of the list
 - Scrolls to the top of the list

You can choose how your lists are displayed from the Main Settings screen > Display.
Automatic sorting ON - Sorts your lists in alphabetical order
Automatic sorting OFF -  Your lists will display the games in the order you installed them

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