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HDL Server

OPL has been implimented with the HDL Server to allow you to install PS2 games to your Internal HDD while inside a PS2 console, over the network.

Download - HDL Dumx and unzip it to your PC

HDL Dumx contains both HDL Dump and HDL Dumb . HDL Dump is a command-line version that is multi-platform, whereas HDL Dumb is Windows GUI based and with some limitations is also WineLib compatible.

I will use the HDL Dumb GUI for this guide, but those of you who prefer command-line installing can go to the HDL Dump How-To page for more info.

You might  already have a network connection ready to use or go to the Main settings screen and configure it. You only need to have a valid IPCONFIG.DAT in your MC's  SYS-CONF folder. This can be created by OPL when you configure the PS2 IP section or by uLaunchELF's network configuration screen.

Starting the HDL Server

First you will need to enable the HDD Device  so the listing for the HDL Server will appear in the Main Settings screen.
Press   from any device list screen to open the main settings screen
Select the Start HDL Server  and press 

HDL Server Starting. . .
    HDL Server Running. . . Press [O] to stop     

Leave this as is and go to the PC.

Run the PC  software

Double-click the    from the hdl dumx folder and this screen will appear:

  • Networking server, at:    Input  the IP to your PS2, then press the Attach button to connect.
  • Operation:    Install games by using the options displayed on the screen. Browse / delete will display your currently installed games and give you option to delete any games.
  • Select the source of your PS2 game from either an ISO file or from a disc in the PC's drive.
  •  Input a name to display in OPL's HDD gamelist.  There is a limit of 32 Characters for displaying names.
  • Compatibility Modes are not used for OPL, as OPL has its own compatibility Modes. HDL modes are ignored by OPL.
Press the Install button when your ready to begin the installation. Network installing is not a quick process, so it may take a while to complete, depending on the game size.

Once the installation is completed, you can select another game to install or browse your games.  Close the HDL Dumb program when finished.

Return to the PS2  screen     HDL Server Running. . . Press [O] to stop

To stop the server, press and hold  until  Press [X] to terminate HDL Server displays, then press  , the server will close and return you to the Main Settings screen.

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