OPL Ps2 Loader

In Game Reset

OPL  features  In-Game-Reset  or IGR for short.  This feature allows you to quit a game, return to the  games list and select another game to play , choose a different application to run , go to the consoles main screen or power down your console without needing to get up and touch the console.

Pressing R1+R2+L1+L2+SELECT+START will  stop a game and launch the option you set for Exit to in Main Settings screen > Settings.
You can get IGR to re-launch OPL so you can play another game by renaming a copy of OPLv0.8 to BOOT.ELF and place it in the APPS folder on your MC. Then change the Exit to setting to mc0:/APPS/BOOT.ELF.  You can play a bunch of games without ever having to get up. :)

Pressing R1+R2+R3+L1+L2+L3 will Poweroff the console, placing it in stand-by mode.

Not every game is going to work with IGR, as some games have a similar option or are not compatible with IGR and some games may not work at all unless IGR is disabled. You can disable the IGR function by pressing  on the highlighted game in the game list and set Mode 6 to On.

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