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Network Game Installing and Formatting

No special formatting is required for Network games, any of the PC's normal file systems can be used. There is a disadvantage of using the FAT32 file system, as it has a 4GB limitation  and you will need to use a USB Installing program for games over 4GBs. If your using the FAT32 file system, then read the USB section  Formatting and Installing for more info.

Version 0.8  supports using  the .iso format  and there is no need to " Install " any games, with the exception of the FAT32 limitations. Simply rip your games from disc to .ISO format and follow the instructions below.


You will need to rename the ISO in this form: (You can use iso2opl.exe to auto-rename for you, see below)

game-code.name.iso      SCUS_973.28.GT4.iso

  • The game-code can be found by viewing the disc contents and will appear as a filename,  from the disc label or on the side of the case. Its is very important that the game-code has an underscore and .iso in lowercase in the filename, as shown in the example below.
      • Wrong = SCUS-973.28.GT4.ISO
      • Correct = SCUS_973.28.GT4.iso
  • The name will be what appears in the game list. The name must NOT exeed 32 characters (including spaces) or it will not display.
You will need to create 2 folders,  CD and  DVD, both MUST be uppercase. Place these on the root of your Share folder/drive. Now place the  DVD ISO's into the DVD folder and the CD ISOs into the CD folder. OPL will display them in the Network Games list.

Useful programs
opl2iso.exe - WindowsLinux
You can convert games that were installed for USB  format  (.001, .002, .003,  ul.cfg ), back to ISO format.
  • Place the opl2iso.exe into the game Share folder where your  games are installed .
  • Run the command prompt and type the path to the directory, then the command [opl2iso.exe] and press the enter key.

Example:     D:\>opl2iso.exe

Place your ISO's into the CD or DVD folder and you can run the below program to rename them properly for use in OPL

iso2opl.exe - Windows - Linux
You can rename all  ISO files  in your directory with one command. The filename you used for the ISO will be the name used for the renaming process. Names can NOT be more than 32 characters (including spaces) or it will not display in OPL.
Example:  Despicable Me The Game.iso  is renamed to:    SLUS_219.33.Despicable Me The Game.iso

  • Place the iso2opl.exe in the directory (CD or DVD) your ISO files are located.
  • Run the command prompt and type the path to your directory, then the command [iso2opl SCAN] and press the enter key.

Example:   D:\PS2SMB\DVD\>iso2opl  SCAN

Your ISO files should now all be in the proper format for OPL.

You can still use USB Installed game if you wish, OPL will display both the installed games and the ISO games if they are in the same Share. Place the DVD and CD folders on the root where your installed games are located.

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