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 Virtual Memory Card

OPL supports the use of a Virtual Memory Card, when theres a need to use an alternative device, instead of a real MC.
OPL will automatically create a folder named VMC,  on the device you create a VMC file for.

Network Share (SMB)
Example:   D:/ PS2SMB/VMC  - You MUST set the permissions for your Share to read and WRITE or the VMC folder/ file will not  be created.

USB device:
Example: mass:/VMC 

Internal HDD device:
Example:  hdd0:+OPL/VMC  

Create a VMC file:
Select a game from a device list and press   Game settings. Here you have an entry for both VMC slots.

  • VMC Slot 1   <not set>     Use generic
  • VMC Slot 2   <not set>     Use generic

If no VMC is currently set for a slot, you will have the value <not set> displayed. Use generic is only a pre-set name to use if you dont want to create a new VMC file for each game or dont want to type the name for each game you assign to it.
 Press  and  the Configure VMC  screen will open.

Configure VMC

  • Name:    SLUS_212.12_0
By default the name of the VMC is pre-filled with the game_code of the game you entered from the Game settings screen .  This allows you to create a new VMC for each game if you choose to do so. You can change it to whatever name you want, but its recommended to use generic  if you plan to use it for multiple game saves, otherwise you will have to type in the name you used to create an existing VMC file in order for another game to use that VMC file too.
 Press to change the name and a virtual Keyboard will appear.  The final name of the VMC file on the device will have the slot number added (_0 or _1) as suffix and the .bin extension. So you can use the same name for slot 1 and 2 without a problem, as they will be two distinct names.

  • Size:   8Mb

Choose between the pre-set sizes of  8Mb, 16Mb, 32Mb or 64Mb. Keep in mind some games require using only 8Mb cards and the larger the size, the longer it will take to be read/written to.

  • Status:  VMC file needs to be created    This will tell you the current status of the VMC file, if one exists or you need to create one.
  • Progress:   0%   This show the progress  during the creation of the VMC file

  • Create   Press  to create the VMC file and it will change to "abort", in which you can abort the creation and the file will be deleted from the device.
The resulting file created on the device in the VMC folder will  be example:  SLUS_212.12_0.bin , generic_0.bin, etc.,  when viewing the folder's contents.

Use existing VMC file
If you  have already created a VMC file and want to use it for more than one game, press    Game settings on a game in the list for that device.

  • VMC Slot 1    My VMC      Reset
  • VMC Slot 2   <not set>     Use generic
If no VMC slot has been assigned/created for the chosen game, the <not set>/ Use generic will be displayed. You can choose to create a new VMC file or use the generic one if it exists and it will be assigned to that game.
 If you created a VMC file and gave it a name, then select <not set> and Press  to  open the Configure VMC screen.  Select the name and input the name you gave to your existing VMC file and the Status will change to VMC file exist. Now select Modify and the VMC file will be assigned to that game.

Changing a current VMC file

Once a VMC file exists on a device, you can change its size  then select Modify or you can delete it. Caution: Changing the size will cause it to format the VMC file and any saved data will be lost.
You can also create a new VMC file for a game that is already assigned a VMC file by changing the name.  The status will change to VMC file needs to be created, so simply create a new file by selecting create.  The new VMC file will now be assigned to that game.
To delete a VMC file,  type in the name of the VMC file (if its not the current selected one) and choose delete.  A confirmation dialog screen will  appear:
  •  Item will be permanantly deleted, continue? 
 Press to accept or  to return to the previous screen. If you delete a VMC file, all other games that might be using it will  no longer be able to save to it, so make sure before deleting a VMC file.

If you  want to change a VMC file currently assigned to a game, select reset to remove it from that game. You can then re-assign a different VMC file or create a new one.

Game compatibility with VMC
Not all games will be able to use  VMC, some require a physical MC. Some games will only write to a 8Mb sized MC or cannot access 64Mb. If your having a problem with a game accessing a VMC file, you can try searching the forums for info reported by other users  or ask for help.
 Heres a thread with some games listed:  Compatibility for VMC

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